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We Purchase Consumer Auto Paper Portfolios

For America's small auto dealers, finding suitable Loan Portfolio Financing in today's economy can be challenging to say the least.  At Highlands Management Services, however, our commercial finance desk works closely with multiple specialized auto finance providers which can assist small auto dealers in cashing out their sub-prime portfolios, establishing a line of credit for future sub-prime loans and leases, as well as establishing a Floor Plan Financing Facility for vehicles in the showroom and inventory.

Dealer Qualifying Criteria (Floor Plan Financing)

For Floor Plan Financing, you must...

  • Be a Licensed Used Car Dealer (no wholesalers)
  • Have a minimum of 1 year in business
  • Have resided in the area for a minimum of 2 year.
  • Have a minimum annual sales volume of $450K
  • Own a home or business property
  • Have an Empirica Score of at least 650
  • Have acceptable bank and trade references
  • Not have credit card debt exceeding $25,000

Advantages of Our Floor Plan Financing

Our minimum Floor Plan Financing Facility is $25,000.  Facilities in excess of $250,000 may require additional collateral in the form of real estate.  The advantages of your Floor Plan Facility provided through Highlands Management Services include:

  • Lines of Credit from $25,000 to 10% of annual sales
  • No Interest until payoff
  • Financing accepted at over 260 auctions nationally
  • Minimal monthly audit fee ($10 per vehicle)
  • 1% monthly interest rate

Need to sell your sub-prime portfolio or floor plan your vehicles?

You can get a FREE and complimentary quote and vehicle financing analysis by...