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Senior Life Policy Cash Outs

Senior Life Settlements or simply Life Settlements, involve the sale of an existing life insurance policy to an investment company resulting in the funds generated being greater than the policy's cash surrender value.  Senior Life Settlements are often attractive when your original financial planning needs have changed, such as your children all being grown or your spouse pre-deceasing you, and the continued payments of the insurance premiums have become burdensome.

If you are the owner of a significant insurance policy and rather than a death benefit, would prefer a lump sum of cash to be used TODAY, Highlands Management Services can help.  Your lump sum cash Life Settlement can be used for...

  • Taking Dream Vacations & Exotic Travel
  • Educational & Re-Training Expenses
  • Attractive New Investment Opportunities
  • The Purchase of a New Dream Home
  • Estate Planning & Distributions
  • Starting a New Business Ventura
  • Settling Legal Matters I Divorce
  • Financial Planning I Paying Off Debt
  • Unforeseen Medical Procedures
  • Covering Expanses Due to Job Loss

Purchasing Parameters

  • Your policy must have a face value of at least $50,000
  • Almost any policy can be considered; whole life, variable, etc.
  • Generally, no physical exams are required
  • The Insurance company must be well rated, policy uncontestable

Need immediate lump sum cash for a Senior Life Settlement?

You can get a FREE and complimentary quote on your whole life, term, or other life policy by...